Saturday, August 22, 2009

Annie the Trolley Chair

Annie the Shopping Trolley Chair, chair that is made of shopping cart that is recycled. It is designed by Max McMurdo, a beautiful and eye-catching showing recycling at its best. The trolley is transformed  to an amazing functional chair, by removing the wheel and reshaping. A comfortable cushion is used in the design and it comes in a different colours. the cushion is eco-friendly, made by woven fabric,100% hemp, very little water and no chemicals.


  1. Nice! I wonder will it make it's way into the ranks of 'classic' chair designs like the egg chair? Tbh I'm not sure many people would want the Tesco one in their living room though... perhaps the supermarket chain could use them in their stores though for customers to sit on!

  2. I don't think it will make it's way into the ranks, but i think it is an amazing idea, and i love the idea of Tesco using it in their stores, but it is too expensive for that.
    Thank you for your comment :).