Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Souq Waqif

Though shopping in Qatar has been modernized by malls and shopping centers, you will always want go back to the old market where you get the feel of experiencing the “real bargaining”, and this is what the Souq Waqif (Standing Market) is best at. 

The market is selling spices, dried herbs, food, toys, clothes, perfumes, pets and antiques. It's a great place to buy souvenirs, which you won't find anywhere else.Visiting this place gives you an Arabic shopping experience. This old market has been rebuilt in ancient style even though most of the goods sold are more modern.

New hotel has been open lately with traditional design and elements, it is a mixture of modern and antique. Also there are coffee shops and restaurants. Visitors can find more then one art gallery in the market, where you can find lots of local and international art pieces. Souq Waqif  is an amazing place, takes the visitors to the old Qatar.


  1. These images remind me of my trip to Morocco back on Easter! I loved the souq's there! These images make Qatar seem quite alot cleaner and less cramped than the souq's of Marrakesh and Fez - but from your description they seem to be filled with the same treasures!
    Did you enjoy haggling? I love the tricks they attempt to play on tourists - Arabs are particularly clever business men and women!
    I'm definately more of a fan of the old towns in these countries - they say far more about their history and culture, and are much more interesting to explore!

  2. I think its great that Qatar rebuilt this. I heard that it was demolished then years later, rebuilt exactly how it was before (or as close as they could get). the "souq" is a really interesting part of the arabic culture, and like you said, Qatar, like other countries in the gulf, are now modernized by malls and shopping centers that consist of mainly western stores. its nice to go back to this kind of traditional way of shopping.