Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Pearl

The Pearl Qatar is one of the biggest architectural developments in the country’s history and is a showcase of Qatar’s fast growing economy. It is a man-made island which is situated on the same site of a former pearl diving site, which shows the country's historical and traditional bond with the sea. Its name itself was derived from what is, back then, the main source of income of the Qatari people - pearl fishing. Although pearling is no longer the main market, it left the people a heritage of stories and legacy that is a source of identity and pride for Qatari's today.
This place is not your ordinary getaway. It combines the beauty of its surroundings to a relatively leisurely lifestyle which gives its residents the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, as they say. It includes Mediterranean-style towers, townhouses and low-rise terrace apartments, retail and commercial spaces, green parks and private beaches. It also encloses and includes all the facilities that will provide the people their everyday needs, from shopping boutiques to specialty stores.
This place redefines the meaning of fine dining as the restaurants let you experience the ambiance of dining with the stunning view of the ocean. There’s also another notable area, called the “Qanat Quartier”, which is a full replica of the wide water canals of Venice, including the popular gondolas and boat rides, which brings the capital of romance closer to the Arab world.
The Pearl Qatar is not at all exclusive to the native Qatari but for the country’s foreign guests and expatriates, as well. It allows an open society and an environment perfectly suited for the international taste. Upon its completion in 2012, it promises to fulfill its goal as a world-class lifestyle destination for the benefit of the Qatari community and the world at large.

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  1. You've just provided me with a reason to visit Qatar! It never really interested me before...but this place looks and sounds amazing!
    It'll give me an excuse to practise the Arabic I learned last year!!